Wednesday, 12 November 2014


Last week, Carissa took me on a surprise birthday trip to London! We went to a sample sale from The Kooples in Shoreditch, had lunch in The Book Club, went on a London tour, went shopping, went for dinner in The Diner on Carnaby Street and then went to the Battersea Park Fireworks. I took my camera along with me, and forgot to photograph most of it, but here are some of the photos I got from the fireworks. I used a longer shutter speed on the flame thrower photographs and I love how they ended up turning out, it's amazing the effects you can get on your camera just with changing a few simple settings!

Thank you Carissa for such a good day out!!!


  1. These pictures are amazing, you've captured the magic of fire at night and fireworks!
    I'm happy you had a nice bday :)
    Have a wonderful day and xoxo

  2. Love the photography.. Your pictures are stunning! Such a lovely surprise, London is amazing xx

  3. Sounds like you had an amazing day Islay, your photos of the fireworks are just stunning! x


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