Thursday, 20 November 2014


Black turtle neck top: ASOS
Lipstick: Chanel 'La Desirée'

So the other night, I had a slight yolo moment and decided to get a pair of scissors and started chopping away at my hair. Before September it had been down to my belly button and I had got absolutely sick of it and chopped a load of it off, but after seeing so many people with their hair around my new length I decided I wanted to go even shorter. Being the impatient person I am, I decided just to grab some nearby scissors and start cutting, and you know - I think I did an alright job. Okay, there are the occasional pieces that are quite a bit longer/shorter than the rest but I like to go for a quite messy style and I think that just adds to it.
Also, my hair looks bright ginger in this photo - I've never dyed my hair and it just tends to change colour as and when it wants to, I guess today it decided it was a ginger day!

Have you ever cut your own hair or have you ever been tempted to?


  1. Love this hair on you, and that lipstick is gorge!

    Sophie x

  2. It looks gorgeous, I am so tempted to get this length but I'm scared too in case I regret it. I've been growing my hair for so long!

    India / Too Faced Giveaway

  3. I envied your lovely long hair, this new shorter look really suits you! I think you did a fantastic job of cutting it yourself. I had really short hair in the past and while being a uni student I used to cut it myself to save some cash.

    Claire Louise Xx |

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