Monday, 2 February 2015


I'm totally stealing Becky's idea for this blog post, but I thought it was a good'un and something that I thought would fit in on! Basically, each month I want to do a post with a selection of random photos that don't make it onto Instagram or a blog post, you know the ones that end up getting neglected in your camera roll and sit gathering virtual dust. These are all just unedited iPhone photos, I thought it would make a nice change from everything on here just being posed/staged DSLR photos - please let me know what you think!

1. NYE selfie - horrible lighting, horrible pose but you know, it's New Year and we were
in London / 2. I completely forgot about this photo until I was finding ones for this
post, I was taking a snapchat of Whole Foods and the couple thought I was
taking a photo of them, awkward... / 3. Laura came to London! / 4.
Stocking upon mini eggs and creme eggs with Ellie
1. Realising I look like mum's twin in our matching dressing gowns / 2. The best snack selection for a night in / 3. Local art gallery / 4. Mario Kart in bed, what could be better!
1. Getting McDonalds brought to you at work results in a very happy Islay and Carissa
2. When the Mill Pond in my town froze over / 3. Photographing another cooking blog post
with my weird temporary set up / 4. London!
1. Parisian streets / 2. A trip to the local bakery to buy a Viennese Whirl / 3. 
My laptop and my bed - this is pretty much my view most days, I have way
too much laptop time / 4. Kitted up for a muddy dog walk by the sea


  1. This is such a lovely post! Can't believe I went to London this January, already feels like a lifetime ago!! :'( I miss youuuu!!!!

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