Thursday, 31 December 2015


Taking inspiration from my lovely friend Laura from Style and Sushi, I thought I would share some of my favourite memories from the duration of the past year! 2015 has been such a great year and I cannot wait for 2016 and the opportunity to make more memories. I share a lot of what I get up to on Instagram, follow me there if you want to keep up with my adventures over the next year.

 I started 2015 off In my favourite place, London watching the fireworks
 A couple of days after I met up with Ellie and finally met Laura after waiting for the longest time to finally meet!
 I went to Paris with my friend for her birthday for a couple of days
 Celebratory drinks after finishing a project that I had been working on as a marketing intern for six months!
 A day trip to Brighton with my now-boyfriend, Adam
 My family went on a mini city break to Rome for a couple of days, we managed to jam so much in to the time we spent there and I would love to go back
 I took Mum to London on her birthday, we went out for lunch and to Kew gardens and had such a lovely day
 A rather spontaneous family trip to Bournemouth where we spent the day mostly taking photos

 Adam and I went to Florence and Pisa as our first holiday together

 A random selection of photos from my Interrail trip, where I spent five weeks travelling around Europe. YOu can read more about it in my full Interrail blog post
 A really delicious BBQ that I had with Adam and some of his friends
 A first IKEA trip with many more to come over the months that followed!
 Adam and I managed to perfect our chicken ramen recipe that we now make on such a regular basis
 Before heading out to a lovely evening of dinner and drinks
 One of my favourite days from this year, we went to Arundel and spent the day playing crazy golf, rowing on the lake and having a pub lunch
 I went to London with my Aunt and Grandma for a proper 'girls day' of shopping and going to the Cowshed spa in Selfridges, before being met for a Hyde Park picnic in the evening by my Dad and sister
 Seaside BBQ with my family followed by beach games
 A room full of connected trampolines, what more could you want?!
 The first day of university!!
 One of my favourite nights from Fresher's week
 Discovering that my university has its' own woods and that they are actually very photogenic!
 Halloween at univeristy with two of my favourite people!
When Adam came to visit me at university and we took a trip to Morecambe
 Another great university night out
 The post Dominoes 'I now can't move and I need a nap' feeling
 My university had a massive power cut due to the flooding and term ended a week early - a perfect opportunity to visit the Manchester Christmas markets with my Aunty!
 Adam and I took my sister to Brighton for a day of shopping, eating and ice skating
 Christmas Day walk by the William Morris Gallery
 A day out in Southsea with mum


  1. Looks like you've had a stellar year Islay! So many fabulous pictures and memories! x

  2. Such gorgeous photos! Happy New Year and I hope 2016 is a fab year for you :) x

    Everything But The Kitchen Sink

  3. It looks like you've had a pretty amazing 2015, have a wonderful 2016!

  4. aww such lovely photos, happy new year lovely xx

  5. HAPPY NEW YEAR ISLAY!!! I love these kinds of posts! We definitely need to meet up again soon!! You and Adam make such a cute couple! xxxxxx

  6. This was such a great and positive way to wrap up the year! It looks like 2015 was pretty great to you. I started making a similar list of highlights but probably won't end up posting it (although I did do a post on the lessons I learned this past year).

    Happy new year Islay!

    Amber | A Write Through Life

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