Sunday, 3 April 2016


To top off my boyfriend and I's visits to different animal places in the past week or so (the farm, aquarium have already been ticked off the trio) we thought we would take the opportunity of having a sunny Sunday and take a trip to Marwell Zoo. Annoyingly, the lense I would have liked to of used  for my camera was up at uni so I had to make do with this one; not the best thing when the majority of the animals were lurking at the other side of the enclosure when this one doesn't have a zoom! After spending the morning here we took a trip to IKEA (my second trip there this week, wohooo!) where I managed to restrain myself to only purchasing a 95p bin. Well done me!


Wednesday, 23 March 2016


I am part of the marketing Society at university and they had organised an end of term trip to visit Amsterdam for a couple of days. I was undecided about whether or not to actually go as I didn't really know anyone that was going, plus the only person that I did know ended up being unable to make it. I decided to tell myself that I spent weeks during the summer travelling alone, so there was no reason that I shouldn't go on this trip! Long story short, I was so so glad that I went, I met some great new friends (one of them, Ana has done an Amsterdam blog post too, which you can check out here) ate amazing food, spent time taking photos and even got to experience some of the Dutch night life. 

Despite being to Amsterdam twice before this trip, I still managed to see so many cool new parts that I hadn't done before, we managed to squeeze so much into the couple of days that we had there and definitely made full use of our time! 

Sunday, 31 January 2016


Seeing as my boyfriend had been working in London for a few weeks I thought I would take a mini break from campus life and pop down to spend a couple of nights with him. While I was there my parents were both lovely enough to come up and spend some time with me whilst he was at work. Seeing as my university is 300 miles from home and I don't get to see much of either of them these days it was lovely to spend some time with them!

With Adam we took an evening trip onto the London Eye, went to the Japanese restaurant Nagomi which is just off of Oxford Street (I'd highly recommend) and spent some time wandering around the Southbank area. With my parents I went to the Sky Garden at the top of the Walkie Talkie building, went out for Vietnamese food, went to the Tate and Serpentine galleries, wandered around Hyde Park and went to Monmouth for coffee! As well as this, I had quite a bit of time on my own that I killed by just wandering around and doing a lot of window shopping in Selfridges!

Here are a few photos from my trip