Wednesday, 23 March 2016


I am part of the marketing Society at university and they had organised an end of term trip to visit Amsterdam for a couple of days. I was undecided about whether or not to actually go as I didn't really know anyone that was going, plus the only person that I did know ended up being unable to make it. I decided to tell myself that I spent weeks during the summer travelling alone, so there was no reason that I shouldn't go on this trip! Long story short, I was so so glad that I went, I met some great new friends (one of them, Ana has done an Amsterdam blog post too, which you can check out here) ate amazing food, spent time taking photos and even got to experience some of the Dutch night life. 

Despite being to Amsterdam twice before this trip, I still managed to see so many cool new parts that I hadn't done before, we managed to squeeze so much into the couple of days that we had there and definitely made full use of our time!