I wasn’t born with beautiful skin. A combination of the persistent blemishes and my pesky broken capillaries has made a flawless complexion seem impossible despite numerous treatments and gadgets. With my nuptials approaching, I decided to pamper my skin with a facial every other week for a month in preparation.

Week 1

My first stop on my facial journey was Face Gym. It’s basically a facial workout with some skin-care products and sculpting exercises. Side note: I was told by three people that I looked younger in the following 24 hours. Coincidence? It’s not possible.

I went to Christine Chin Spa the next day. It’s an understatement to say that the founder of the name is a firm believer in facials. It was torture. She said it when she walked in. It wasn’t in the strictest meaning of the word. But, I do appreciate her warnings and results-driven strategies.

My session began with gentle microdermabrasion, cleansing, fruit enzymes exfoliation, steam to open pores and steam to cleanse. Christine performed the extractions with surgical precision. Remember those broken capillaries, too? She zapped ’em. The soothing green-tea mask provided much-needed relief. Christine also applied the necessary spot treatments and serums as well as sunscreen.

Was I ready to walk down that aisle when I left? Nope. (Truthfully, that was because I had been neglectful about getting extractions. By the next week, breakouts had become a distant memory.

Week 2

Silver Mirror Facial Bar was able to restore my face’s health. We took it easy, trading exfoliation and extracts for moisturizing formulas. My aesthetician used a microcurrent device for shaping and applying a cooling jelly face mask. It was easy going for the next few days thanks to her hard work.

Week Three

Jeannel Astarita is the goddess behind Only Ageless, a low-key medispa located at 11 Howard. I met her on February 28. After inspecting my skin, and having a chat, she suggested that I have an exfoliating mask using Defenage. Then, she recommended that I use Dermalinfusion, and Laser Genesis. Last but not the least: Relaxing 20-minute session with LED lights.

I was ever-so-slightly blushed (similar to the flush after hot-yoga). The most surprising thing about my skin was the visible improvement in texture and tone. I applied concealer to a few spots and continued on my way to dinner.

Week Four

Things went a bit sour in the final week. Fairness aside, prewedding stress played a significant role in this.

I was already suffering from hormonal acne on my chin by the time I reached Rescue Spa. I also had congested pores that were just waiting for eruptions. It was frustrating to walk into Flatiron’s chic flagship one month before my wedding, in full frustration mode. Ela Lewis, a biologique recherche therapist, aimed to balance my skin using a variety of Biologique Recherche products. A microcurrent sponge was also used by her for microdermabrasion. I left feeling optimistic.

The Results

My complexion got worse as I started to plan. My skin was not looking its best. I blamed stress. But Jeannel Astarita from Just Ageless disagreed. Could it have been that I was getting a weekly face-lift and changing my daily routine, which resulted in my skin being too dry, Yep.

The bottom line is that consistency is more important than using the right products. It’s great to get a second opinion, but when you seek out multiple experts’ advice it can become confusing. Every person will tell you something different. That’s exactly what happened to me. My skin was awash with all the different formulas and techniques. The skin began to rebel, and I had to control the damage. It doesn’t have be this way!

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