Beauty and Skin-Care Gift Guide: 2022 Holiday Season: The Best Gadgets and Products for Skin Health

Although the holiday season is the most magical time of year, the chaos of celebrations can make you feel less festive. The cold weather, the late-night holiday parties, and the rich food you share with family and friends can all cause skin problems that leave you feeling less than ho-ho.

This is the beauty of receiving and giving! Many skincare tools and gadgets can be used during Christmas and Hanukkah. A report published by the PDT Group in October 2022 (PDF) shows that 28 percent of U.S. customers plan to buy beauty products as gifts during the holiday season in 2022. On average, $161 is spent on beauty gifts for each recipient.

We have great stocking stuffers and gifts you can give, no matter how much or little. Here are 11 items dermatologists recommend you add to your holiday shopping list.

Set of skin-soothing sheet masks

Korean beauty, or K-beauty, is a trend that will last. It focuses on natural-looking makeup and hydrated skin. Sheet masks are an affordable and fun way to experiment with them. The Cleveland Clinic states sheet masks can soothe inflamed or sensitive skin and spread moisturizer more evenly. TonyMoly, a famous K-beauty brand (, offers more than 12 different ingredients. You need help deciding which sheet mask you should stuff in your Christmas stocking. The Cleveland Clinic recommends choosing vitamin C -infused Lemon or vitamin E I’m Tomato as both are antioxidants that may reduce fine lines. Do you want to spend a lot on the K-beauty lover in your life? Factory Multipack is for them to try, so they have many options.

Depuffing Gemstone Roller

You’re looking for a beauty tool that can fit in your stocking? Kathleen Cook Suozzi, MD, is the director of Yale Medicine’s aesthetic dermatology program and assistant professor at Yale University School of Medicine. Although there isn’t much scientific evidence behind these tools, it has been suggested that they can reduce the appearance of skin puffiness.

Those looking for a budget-friendly gift can check out the EcoTools Mini Rose Quartz Roller (, while the Vasanti Rose Quartz Roller and Gua Sha Tool ( is an excellent luxe option that offers two tools in one.

A Hydrating Eye cream

Lindsey Zubritsky, MD, is a Pittsburgh-based board-certified dermatologist who suggests giving eye cream. She says that eye cream is an excellent gift as it is something most people need to consider including in their skincare routine. She adds that the holiday season can bring stress, anxiety, and sleepless nights. Therefore, it’s a good idea to include eye cream in your gift list.

According to Dustin Portela (Boise, Idaho-based board-certified dermatologist), peptides and ceramides are beneficial ingredients in eye creams. Hydrating ingredients such as hyaluronic acids, dimethicone, and glycerin are also helpful.

Are you on a tight budget? Dr. Zubritsky recommends Sun Bum Hydrating Eye Cream ( “I love this product because it’s effective and affordable, and it contains brightening, soothing ingredients such as vitamin C and Niacinamide,” she said. She also mentions that vitamin C protects the skin against damaging free radicals (unstable molecules associated with visible skin aging and oxidative stress, according to past research).

Zubritsky recommends Neocutis Lumiere Illuminating Eye Cream ( as a luxurious gift option. It contains growth factors, caffeine, and vitamin C. Its ingredients address the most common under-eye issues like dark circles, puffiness, and wrinkles.” Zubritsky says.

AHA/BHA Exfoliating Treatment

Drunk Elephant, a cult beauty brand, creates skincare products that do not contain any potential irritants like essential oils, alcohol, or silicones. T.L.C. is one of their most loved skincare products. T.L.C. is their most popular skincare product. Sukari Babyfacial ( is a chemical exfoliator containing alpha hydroxy acids (A.H.A.) and beta hydroxy acids (BHA). These gentle acids exfoliate dead skin cells and encourage skin cell renewal. According to a previous research paper, the result is smoother and clearer skin.

For less than $10, you can get a 10-minute exfoliating treatment with the Ordinary’s A.H.A. 30% + BHA 2 Percent Peeling Solution (

Protective Ceramides in a Face Cream

Do you want to gift a gift that protects and plumps the skin? Dendy Engman, MD, a New York City-based dermatologist, suggests that you look for creams with ceramides, a type of fatty acid. She explains that ceramides “help to create a barrier which protects the skin against irritants and bacteria as well as other environmental toxins that can harm the skin.” She also refers to a 2018 Cosmetic and Dermatology study which found that this fatty acid can help increase skin hydration and smoothness. This is especially useful in colder months when the air is dryer. A ceramide facial cream would make a great holiday gift.

She suggests splurging on the luxe and deeply hydrating Advanced Ceramide Lift and Firm Day Cream from Elizabeth Arden (, “which has the bonus benefit of providing light protection against U.V. rays.” (SPF 15 falls slightly under the American Academy of Dermatology Association’s recommendation of SPF 30, but it’s an excellent base for your favorite sunscreen.)

Consider the Mario Badescu A.H.A. Ceramide Moisturizer (

A High-Tech Facial Cleansing Tool

Zubritsky says facial cleansing tools can be fun but are optional. This makes them great gifts. She says that facial cleansing tools can be a relaxing part of a nighttime skincare routine.

A TikTok favorite skincare company recently released Luna 4 (, their fourth generation of the popular Luna cleansing masseuse. Dermatologists, as well as beauty editors, love the palm-sized device. It removes dirt, oil, and makeup residue from the skin and is up to 35x more hygienic than brushes made with nylon bristles. This was based on clinical tests by the brand. Zubritsky says that the cleansing tool with silicone bristles is gentle, practical, and antimicrobial.

Bonus: It is two-sided! She says one side cleanses the skin deeply and effectively, while the other is a firming massage tool that delivers skin care more plunging into the skin.

Zubritsky suggests the Olay Regenerist face cleansing device ( ): “It is affordable, effective, and gentle on the skin.

A Hydrating Lip Treatment

Lip treatments are a great holiday gift because cold weather can cause dry and cracked lips. Zubritsky says you should look for the most moisturizing and least irritating ingredients when choosing a lip treatment. Lip treatments she prefers include ceramides, hyaluronic acids, shea butter, dimethicone, and petrolatum.

Aquaphor Lip Repair ( is her favorite stocking-sized product for protecting and hydrating lips. She says that Aquaphor Lip Repair contains shea butter and vitamins C and E and can soothe and heal even the driest of lips.

She recommends SkinMedica’s Smooth and Plump Lip System ( ) if you want to spend a little more on a lip-plumping product. She says that the lip treatment is fantastic because it hydrates and reduces fine lines around your lips, plumps the lips, and enhances rosiness.

A Skin-Brightening Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C can brighten any season. Zubritsky says it is a “must use” in every skincare routine because it can treat discoloration and fine wrinkles and protect against free radical damage. It should be used daily and is a staple in skincare routines, making it a wonderful gift for enthusiasts.”

For a budget pick, she suggests L’Oreal Revitalift 12 percent Pure Vitamin C + E + Salicylic Acid Serum (, touting its combination of ingredients “that work synergistically to reveal younger-looking skin,” she says.

If you want to be a dermatologist, SkinCeuticals C.E. Ferulic ( is a great option. Zubritsky states that it protects and treats while lightening dark patches, evening out texture, and reducing wrinkle appearance. “This formula is extremely stable and effective — worth the price.”

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