This time of year brings thick scarves and a seasonal wardrobe transformation.

Dutch braids can be a beautiful alternative to the French braid and will elevate your hairstyle. Eliana, one of our hair professionals, showed us how it was done…

How to make a double dutch braided hairstyle

Step One – Prepping your hair.

Before you start braiding your beautiful locks, be sure to dry your hair. Any updo that is too messy can cause damage to your hair. After your hair is dry, use a sectioning tool to divide your hair into two sections. Part it down the middle of your head with a comb. To keep the left section of your hair out of the way, secure it with a bobble or grip.

Step 2: Make the double Dutch braids.

The next step is to Dutch braid your right side. Split your hair into three equal strands to Dutch braid it. Make sure you start at your hairline. Start by crossing the right side under the middle strand. Cross the left strand underneath the middle strand.

Continue adding hair to the right strand before crossing it under again the middle strand. Then do the same on the left. Keep adding hair to each side until you reach your nape. Secure the braid using a hair tie. Repeat this process with the left side.

Step 3: Connect the braids.

You should now have two equal-sized Dutch braids that run from your front hairline to your nape. Next, tie the braids in a low ponytail at your neck.

Step 4 – Making the bun.

Secure the ponytail by rolling it into a bun. You can use a hair doughnut to give your bun more volume if you have very thin hair. Add a little Kerastase Laque Couture to finish your hair.

That’s it! In just four steps, you have mastered the double Dutch braid bun. This is the perfect Christmas party hairstyle.

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