This is where I want to begin by saying that all wrinkles are normal, beautiful, and real. Although social media may suggest otherwise, Photoshop does not work in real life. You can search for “lip lines” on Google. The first result you will see is a definition. “Lip wrinkles or smoker’s lines are vertical lines that appear on the lips of older people.”

Let’s begin by saying that lips can appear on anyone, regardless of age or whether they are smokers. Our mouths move to speak, smile, breathe and eat. Natural lines are the result of movement and time. We think you’re beautiful as you are. However, experts from all walks of the industry were consulted to determine the best products and tips to remove your lines.

Keep Your Lips Moisturized

Jayne Bird MD, a dermatologist, says that basic principles work well when treating the lips. She exclaims, “Keep your lips moisturized!” Bird suggests Aquaphor or other lip-nourishing products that soothe dryness and moisturize the lips.

Use a lip-specific Retinol.

The esthetician Nicole Caroline says, “Yes, our hero ingredient can also be wonderful for this small area. Creating collagen synthesis will make a big difference in lip lines’ appearance.” Do not apply prescription retinoids too close to your mouth. It is important to avoid irritation. The formula must be tailored for the lips. Although results won’t be immediate, continued use will result in the prevention [of lip lines].

Lip retinoids reduce lines on the lips and make the lips plump and soft. They also reduce the appearance of minor dark spots. Verso’s lip cream is specifically designed to increase the natural collagen production in the skin.

Protect your lips from the sun

SPF is essential, according to Azadeh Shirazi MD, dermatologist. Shirazi explains that protecting your lips from the sun’s ultraviolet rays is crucial as they can degrade collagen.

The lips are a top area that people forget to protect. Besides the obvious dangers from sun damage, wrinkles and fine lines on the lips can develop sooner than in other areas of the face.

Use a lip plumper

Shirazi also shared a secret that felt like a win-win. She explains that plumping the lips can also reduce wrinkles, resulting in a more full and rejuvenated pout.

Yes, this is correct. You can have your favorite lip plumped with SPF and still look great. Hyaluronic acid is a great way to increase volume and hydration.


Exfoliating regularly is one of the secrets to keeping your lips young, according to Candace Marino, the celebrity esthetician.

Marino explains that Youth Lip Duo by IS Clinical is my favorite lip product. It contains an exfoliating polish and a lip serum packed with anti-aging substances to keep your lips plump. This also helps prevent deep lines around the mouth. The lip treatment should be applied to the lips and around borders to reduce vertical lines.

Use your hands

Marino shared her top tip to get rid of lines on the lips and spoiler alert: it’s free!

Marino states that daily massage of the lips is a great way to keep your lips plump and young. Marino says that pinching, rolling between your thumbs and index, or tapping the lips can increase circulation and improve the color and volume. This is something I recommend daily. It can also be done during your oral care routine.

Use a wrinkle-fighting cream.

There is no better way to combat wrinkles than using a wrinkle-fighting cream. Celebrity esthetician Natalie Aguilar recommends Biologique Recherche’s Creme Contour Yeux Et Levres Biofixine.

Aguilar says, “This powerful lip and eye cream is full of cell-communicating protein peptides and antioxidants, such squalene, that allow it to act as a beautiful wrinkle fighter.” I love that this product can fill in wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes and lips.

What product addresses two areas of concern? Yes, please. Aguilar says, “Do not use straws or purse your lips. Muscle movement is the main cause of wrinkles and lines.

Try Collagen

Shawna Jones, an aesthetic nursing practitioner with SkinSpirit, tells us that “lip lines are a common complaint.” To reduce fine lines and wrinkles, apply this product twice daily (morning and night) to the skin around the lips. This product uses technology to help break down old collagen and elastin and promote new, healthy collagen. Antioxidants are also included in the product to protect against environmental damage.

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