Is your hair fine or thin? Here are some ways to tell the difference

You might think that figuring out your skin type was difficult. But wait, you can narrow down your hair type. Many charts, graphs, and quizzes are available, so even if you spend some time looking through them, it’s easy to get lost. One debate is particularly difficult: determining if your hair is fine or thin and how to maintain it accordingly.

The terms can sometimes be confused because they are often used interchangeably. “In dermatology, we use fine hair and thin hair interchangeably.” “Different ethnicities have different sizes and shapes of hair follicles, accounting for the various hair types seen across different populations.”

What is fine hair?

 What does this mean for your hair? Dr. Kuhn explains that fine or thin hair results from a narrow and small hair follicle. This creates a short hair shaft that causes hair to look and feel thin. The hair shaft’s thickness and shape are determined genetically.

What is thin hair?

” Thin Hair refers to the density,  explains that density refers to the number of hair strands in a particular area on your scalp. Dr. Saedi says, “So, it’s the amount of hair in a given area on your scalp.”  explained that fine hair could look thicker with a high density.

Thinning vs. Thin Hair

Thinning hair is the loss of hair density. This means that existing hair follicles become smaller. It can lead to finer, sometimes shorter hair and overall less hair.

“People complain that their thick hair is thinning. It’s not usually the individual hairs getting thinner, but the density loss.

How to tell if your hair is thinned

Dr. Saedi says that one sign of thin hair is when your part becomes wider or larger.

Dr. Kuhn states that people with thin hair notice a difference in their hair type. For example, they notice that their ponytails are thinner or shampoo less often. Patients often notice a thinning of their hair by looking more at the scalp. Some people notice an increase in hair shedding. It is normal to shed up to 150 hairs per day. But, excessive shedding can be dangerous.

Androgenetic hair loss, also known as male- or female-pattern hair loss, is the most common cause of hair loss. Genetics and age make it difficult to decrease your risk of losing hair. You can inherit hair loss from both your parents states that although there is no cure, it is possible to reverse the condition with timely and consistent treatment. “Thinning can also be caused by chronic shedding, which we call ‘telogen effluvium’ in medical terms. It is hair shedding as a response to stressors.

Dr. Kuhn explained that telogen effluvium could delay the hair’s actual shedding by three to six months. Emotional stress can include the loss of loved ones, breakups, depression, anxiety, and even death. Or, it could be physical stress like a traumatic accident, major surgery, rapid weight loss, medication (retinoids, beta-blockers, calcium channel blockers, antidepressants, lithium), iron deficiency or excess, severe thyroid disease or general anesthesia. She says that this type of hair loss is temporary.

Hair loss can also result from tight hairstyles in Latinx and African-American communities. Dr. Kuhn states that this type of hair loss can be permanent and should be treated as soon as possible.  Kuhn says that there are rare causes of hair loss, such as inflammatory or autoimmune disorders. If your hair is still thinning, you should consult a dermatologist.

Styling Fine Hair

Learning how to style fine hair and how it works is important. Fitzsimons says that fine hair can have a very, really dense hair density, allowing for layers. You can cut your hair longer, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be as straight as if your hair is shorter. If your hair is thick, you want it to look thicker.

Fitzsimons suggests that clarifying products be used to exfoliate the hair semi-regularly to stimulate the hair’s growth and follicles. She also recommends shorter, more blunt-cut hair to create a fuller appearance. “My Andrew Fitzsimons body volume line contains caffeine. It is wonderful, especially the Hold Spray applied to damp hair before blow drying to lift hair and create flexible volume.”

How to style thin hair

There is no set style that you must wear if your hair is short or thin. You can wear whatever style you like, but if you want to create the illusion of fullness, there are many options. Fitzsimons says there are many extension options, whether you want to add more hair or use products to make your hair look fuller. When it comes to haircuts, it is generally true that the thinner your hair, the more full it will appear.

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