There are many choices to make as a bride when it comes time to choose your wedding look. These decisions include the shoes and the hairstyle. It is not easy to decide whether or not to show off your tattoos. Tattoos come in a variety of colors, including bright and black. However, it all comes down to how they are integrated into the bridal look.

Sweetheart necklines can accentuate chest pieces, while delicate wrist and arm ink can also be highlighted by a minimal gown. Full-back designs can be showcased between perfectly placed straps. If you’re looking to draw attention to your design, there are many options. We have the inspiration to prove it.

Brides with tattoos that slay their bridal look–body and all.

Keep it Simple

The bride’s wrist ink can be clearly seen but not overpower the gown. This bride wants a sleek, elegant look from head-to-toe. We love the way that the tattoo is placed in bridal portraits so it’s prominent but not too obvious.

Get Sentimental

This subtle heart tattoo was ready to be photographed on the wedding day. The hand ink is highlighted by the double thumb rings, while the perfectly placed bouquet charm helps to convey the message. After all, it’s all about the love on the big day.

Show some shoulder

Your wedding day is your big day. Let your confidence shine through each tattoo. This radiant goddess has a stunning shoulder piece with a beautiful sun emblem. The end result is captivating and artistic, and was photographed alongside a dreamy beach backdrop and a flowing dress.

Copy the Design

You can easily copy a tattoo if it is marked by a specific shape. The delicate horseshoe ink that was applied to the back of this bride’s arm made for an excellent sartorial arrangement. We are able to see twice as much of her modern nuptials because her wedding gown has a low back.

Give them a peep show

Gorgeous designs. A sheer neckline is best to show off your tattoos. The beaded lace gown shows off a vibrant chest piece while keeping it chic.

Sleeves: Be intentional

Sleeves don’t have to be your enemy. There are many sleeves to choose from. The bride’s forearm ink will be highlighted at her botanic gardens wedding by these slit-billowing sleeves.

Opt for a Plunging back

To show off your spine tattoos, choose a dress with a low-back to make them stand out. Lace detailing will enhance the art. This scalloped-lace trim frames the tattoo and mimics the font.

To temporarily customize your look, you can use veils and shawls for one event and more conservative for another.

Color Match

You don’t have to be embarrassed about using colorful ink. It is a part you. For a visual that isn’t clashing, you can thread the same colors as the tattoo into your ensemble. This was what the bride did with her emerald jacket.

Embrace Your Signature

A tattoo is a type of signature, especially if it’s your name or an initial. A strapless dress is great for showing off your ink, but this bride went beyond that with a sophisticated portrait neckline which only amplified her body art. We can’t forget the gorgeous blue color.

Incorporate the Bouquet

A tattoo with bright colors will be unmistakably noticeable. Why not tie these colors to the bouquet? This bright bridal bouquet is a combination of yellow ranunculi and coral anemones. It perfectly complements the bride’s half sleeves.

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