There are many types of makeup powders available. You can find a powder that brightens your skin or helps you keep your makeup in place. I’ll be walking you through the history and how to use banana powder.

What are the differences between Banana Powder and Highlight Powder? Setting Powder? Baking Powder?

If you have been confused by the various terms used to describe banana powder, raise your hand. Is banana powder loose powder? A highlighting powder? A setting powder? What is it? You’re not alone, friend. Despite all the meanings and interpretations, it may have, Banana powder is a specific term that describes a powder with a yellowish hue. It usually belongs to the loose powder family. Loose powders can be used to highlight the highlights of face and set makeup.

However, loose powders are lighter in texture than pressed powders. They also have a finer milling process, which gives you a beautiful powder that blurs imperfections and controls oil. Artists and beauty enthusiasts love them because they enhance makeup applications without leaving a cakey, thick finish. Banana powders are loose powders with a yellow tint that can be used to highlight, bake, or set areas on the face. History of Banana Powder

The original use of banana powder and the idea of a highlight powder was popularized by actors in theater and film. Ben Nye was a successful actor and makeup director at 20th Century Fox. He created the first banana powder after noticing a gap in the beauty industry. His Ben Nye Luxury Powder was the first time Nye shared his secret backstage makeup technique with the public. Even though this product has been on the market for many years, the banana powder and techniques that went with it were still mysterious and exclusive for the first few years.

Banana powder began to trickle from theatre and film sets to nightclub stages where drag queens performed. Think of RuPaul in his peak years as a performer in the ’90s. These artists used banana powder to contour and highlight their bodies. Banana powder baked their makeup, which helped it stay on their skin during long hours and outlast sweat. It also defined their features under the stage lights.

Reggie Wells and Kevyn Aucoin were makeup artists of the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s. They used lighter powders in specific areas of their clients’ faces to create flawlessly elevated makeup looks. Aucoin was famous for his ability to create a natural look on celebrities. His use of loose powders was a secret technique that increased his fame and made him a legend in the beauty industry. This technique was taught to the masses in books such as Facing Forward or Making faces. However, there was an element of mystery about the technique back then. It wasn’t something that every makeup artist used regularly. In my world, at least.

Some people still consider banana powder a celebrity’s secret beauty tip. Kim Kardashian and Mario Dedivanovic, her makeup artist, started sharing their makeup application processes in the 2010s. These two are responsible for making banana powder a mainstream beauty phenomenon. This method was made accessible to everyone by Kardashian and Dedivanovic sharing details. It became a phenom.

How to Use Banana Powder

Banana powder is lighter in color and used to pronounce certain areas of the face. You can use it to set your makeup and highlight you’re under eyes, forehead, chin, and contour. It would help if you did not use banana powder to apply your makeup all over your face.

You can use your banana powder to highlight your contour and highlight areas. To enhance the color and shape of your face, use a larger amount of powder for the baking technique. This will allow the banana powder to set for a while on your skin. Once the powder has dried, use a fluffy brush to remove any remaining powder. Using a blending brush, you can use a lighter approach to banana powder by pressing a small amount into your concealer. This will brighten the areas and set the application.

Best Banana Powders

Laura Mercier’s translucent setting powders are a favorite of mine to use on clients and me. This powder is lightweight, translucent, and thin. It can be used to highlight certain areas on your face. There are three shades available from Mercier: a translucent, a tinted yellow, and a tinted brown shade. This shade is great for darker skin tones.

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