Stress can get the best of you when planning your wedding. Every groom-to-be deserves a break from wedding planning. We compiled a list of our top picks for when wedding preparation is too much.

A mental health expert, Megan Logan, says that wedding planning can cause stress. “From balancing your expectations with family and friends, costs and expenses, trusting in others and making major life changes, to relying on and trusting in others, it can all create overwhelming feelings.” “Hyperlinking to help is one of the best ways to combat stress related to wedding planning. It is important to establish boundaries, communicate clearly, and practice self-care.

It doesn’t matter how exciting your wedding planning experience is; it can take its toll. This makes taking some time for yourself now and again a necessity. Open your laptop, close the tabs and get to work. You can still afford to take some time off no matter what day it is.

These 25 options are sure to reduce wedding planning stress in difficult times.

Start a new book.

Are you always complaining about not having enough time? You have all the time you need! Grab your Kindle now and get that romance novel you have wanted to read since 2012.

Take a class in a new exercise program.

You can squeeze in extra workouts before your big day, but it doesn’t count towards wedding planning. So spend on a Pure Barre or Soul Cycle Package. Some gyms might offer discounts or packages for brides-to-be.

Get into yoga.

Spend an hour daily saying “om” to work your way up to yogi status. Your mind and body will forget about the wedding chores, no matter if you do downward dog in the morning or go to yoga after work. Logan says that yoga and time in nature can help you self-soothe and recharge your energy.

You can watch your favourite comedies.

A good laugh is the best way to relax. Whether you are a Tina Fey or Ben Stiller fan, you can relax on the couch with your favourite comedy flicks. For the ultimate stress-free movie evening, we recommend popcorn and a glass or several of wine.

Make your art and crafts.

It can be very therapeutic to channel your inner Picasso. Logan attributes this effect to the creative expression of your emotions through various channels. There are many ways to express your creative side, even if you don’t know how to draw. You can create a collage from photos, make a scarf, or take a paint-and-sip class to get the best of both art and wine. You might be able to take your mind off wedding planning by starting a new project. One condition is that you do not create DIY projects to be used for the wedding.

Get a massage.

A massage is the best way to calm an anxious bride-to-be. A professional massage is worth every penny. You can invite your partner to a pre-wedding couple’s massage. Not to mention, everyone needs a little relaxation and me-time.

Register for a cooking class.

This activity can be transformed into a fun couple’s outing, or you can expand your culinary horizons with some girlfriends (or your maids) to help them understand each other. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner chef or a seasoned pro; there is nothing more exciting than trying out new recipes.


Start each day with a calm morning meditation to improve your mental health. You will find the benefits of meditation rewarding if you can calm your mind, slow down your breathing, and make yourself comfortable. Logan says, “I recommend mindfulness and learning to be present in the moment without judging.” Emotional hijacking is when you assign meaning to events and situations. Calm and OMG are two of the many smartphone apps you can use to help you meditate. I Can Meditate! Any meditation sceptic can get help.

Start a journal.

Journaling allows you to vent your stress in a safe space. Although it may sound like middle schoolers keeping a journal, you will be amazed at the joy it brings to your mind to write down your thoughts. Logan said that it helps to release stress and frustrations. You can also use it to write loving notes to express gratitude to your future spouse.


Get out of your comfort zone to make a difference in your community. You and your spouse may have recently moved to a new area. Volunteering at a local charity once a week can be a great way to make new friends and fill your time with a good cause. It will give you more satisfaction than completing wedding planning.

Put on your dancing shoes.

You can keep your romance alive by learning new dance moves with your partner. Learn a new social dance like salsa and have fun. This bonding activity will bring out the best, even if you have two feet. You can feel more at ease and on the beat when you do your first dance at your wedding.

Organize your home.

Before making major progress on your wedding plans, you must take care of other organizational matters. A clean, tidy home will allow you to have one less thing to do as you get closer to the big day. You won’t worry about losing your important, trusted wedding folder. Logan also notes that tidying up your home can help you feel more in control, even when other things seem totally out of your control.

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