Just like how giving up certain foods can help you detox, giving up polish can also have a positive effect on your nails. This is especially true if you are preparing for a wedding.

New York manicurist Jin Soon Choi says, “It’s a good idea to do a two-to four-week nail clean before the big day.” Your nails will grow faster and be more resilient. Polish lasts longer if your nails are healthy. You can stop using varnish and start opting for nail polish-free manicures. We’ll be glad you have long, healthy and beautiful nails for your big day.

Bare nails are not as easy as you might think. They need to be maintained! You should do this no-polish manicure at least once per week. Depending on how fast your nails grow, you might need to do it every other week. This circuit is probably familiar to you if you are a regular customer at your nail salon.

Here are Choi’s recommendations for getting the perfect no-polish manicure at your home if you don’t have the time or budget to visit a salon.

Do Not File Your Nails

The first step to any manicure is to trim any excess nails or hangnails with a nail filer. Choi uses the Diamond Nail File but you can use any. Choi suggests that you only file in one direction if the file has a coarse texture. The rough grit can cause damage to your nails. You can file in both directions if you have a fine-grit file.

Use Cuticle Oil

Cuticle oil is essential for moisturized nails that don’t flake or peel. You can also push your cuticles back with this oil, which makes it easier for you to take care of your nails. Choi suggests using one with vitamin-enriched oils and rubbing it into the cuticles and nails. Try Sally Hansen Vitamin E nail & cuticle oil or, for an all-natural alternative, olive or sweet almond oils.


If you are used to washing your hands in warm water at the salon, this step may be unfamiliar to you. For three to five minutes, place your hands in warm, whole milk (full fat milk is the best for moisturizing). Coconut milk is also available for vegans. You can get even more results by adding a few drops to your milk with nourishing vitamin E oil. Treat your nails, cuticles and nail beds in the same manner as your hair, skin, and face.

Push back the cuticles

To prevent them from growing onto your nails, it is important to push your cuticles back. Even if you don’t apply colored polish, it makes your nails look cleaner. Use a nail tweezer to remove any skin or cuticles. Apply another layer of cuticle oil, and then push the nails back gently with a tool such as Tweezerman’s Cuticle Pusher or Nail Cleaner. Choi loves it! ).


This will make sure your nails are ready for buffing. Use a cotton ball to clean your nails of any oil or grease.


You can achieve a shiny, top-coat-like appearance by using a two-way buffer. They are gentler so they won’t damage the nail bed. Use the coarse side to gently rub against your nails. For a reflective look, flip the buffer over to the smooth side. Choi loves Revlon’s Crazy Shine Nail Buffer. Unfortunately, it is no longer available. We recommend Deborah Lippman’s Smooth Operator Buffer Nailfile.


Although it may seem like the last, this is one of the most important steps. Your nails will look healthy and well-nourished if your hands are moisturized. Apply your favorite hand cream to your manicure.

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